The Gentle Detox

The purpose of the weekend is to gently detox and get you started on a new healthy life style. Lose those extra pounds and gain more energy! Digital detox. No phones. This is the perfect weekend to turn off your devices. Read, relax and enjoy the countryside. We are happy to take your phones if you can't be trusted.
No sugar, gluten, meat, fish or alcohol.
The detox is a combination of smoothies, juices and light evening healthy vegan meals.
Demonstrations on how to make the perfect smoothie that doesn't taste like pond water and keeps you full along with other tips on creating great tasting vegan food.
Daily yoga and meditation.
Guided countryside walks.
Massages, facials and reflexology are also available

Nedging Tye, Suffolk
FeelJoyous will be providing the morning yoga sessions to kick start your metabolism and your day.
For more information, or to book please follow this link: