Sunday 3rd December, 11am -12:15  (£12)

Effortless Energy - A spiced Winter Warmer

In this session we will be concentrating on creating energy through the breath, movement and meditation. 

As we move into Winter it is important that we recognise that our energy starts to slow, that our bodies begin to move to a lower internal rhythm, and that we may not wish to embark on ambitious physical pursuits (let’s leave those until the Spring!!). 

However, our bodies still need to move, stretch and be strong, sometimes the answer is to find energy through slower and more meditative movement and breath work. 

This is a wonderful session to gently get the energy moving, to wake up the glandular system and to allow you to focus on your real priorities during the cooler months.

The Pilates Studio , Suffolk Food Hall
Peppers Lane, Wherstead ,Ipswich, 

To book please contact Wendy on: / 07866971126

Upcoming classes / workshops

The workshops, what to expect:

A typical yoga session begins with 3 deep breaths with the hands in prayer position - to balance the left & right hemispheres of the brain. We then tune in with the Adi Mantra (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo) to centre us and to link student and teacher together in our practice.

Pranayam - a set of breathing exercises designed to purify the blood and integrate ourselves into our yoga practice

Warm ups - may be used depending on the Kriya and the weather!

Kriya - a kriya is a sequence of postures / breath / sound which flow together to induce a stable state in the body and mind

Meditation - typically this will be seated, with an eye and hand focus in order to bring the mind into a state of awareness

Yoga Nidra or 'Yogic Sleep' - is a period of relaxation to allow the body and mind to absorb the yoga practice, and to let go of any remaining stress.

We then tune out with a Mantra (Sat Nam) to end the session by awakening the soul.

Future dates for 2024

Watch this space for monthly sessions

All sessions 11-12:15

£12 per session

Full details of each session to follow - watch this space!